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YLF-15-850/950/1100 Frame type servo manipulator

YLF-15-850/950/1100 Frame type servo manipulator

YLF-15-850/950/1100 Frame type servo manipulator Suitable for 360-1000 TON injection molding machine
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YLF-15-1300/1500/1700 Frame type servo manipulator


The arm type Which used in injection molding machine Trip Posture Angle The maximum load (including fixture) Minimum take out time Cycle time (excluding fixture) Drive way Work pressure Air consumption The power consumption The power supply The weight of the
Up and down Your arms around Single arm around Transverse
TON mm mm mm mm ° kg sec sec kgf/c㎡ NL/cycle KVA kg
YLF-15-1300P(R) Double section
2 x type
350~650 P:1300
90 15 1.5 5.4 The servo motor 5~7 10 5.1 AC380±10%(50/60HZ) 755
YLF-15-1500P(R) 550~850 P:1500
1.5 5.9 10 5.1 875
YLF-5-1700P(R) 650~1000 P:1700
1.5 6.4 10 5.1 955


The standard function
The standard The gate arm shaft carrying an arbitrary point Place the material floolwing head in a different position with the products
The standard The internal storage memory Manipulator internal storage mold information
The standard Manipulator internal mold information can be stored USB copy, don't need to teach again
The standard Alarm Take out the alarm (abnormal) occurs, the buzzer alarm
The standard Transmission interface Control the conveyor belt function
The standard Parameters fine-tuning Manipulator automatic work condition adjustment parameters, without stopping to adjust
The standard Scissors loop Using pneumatic cut shear fixture of products on the nozzle, such as the shear head(peak shear device would buy another)
The standard Vacuum adsorption confirm circuits When the product need to pass the fixture out such as vacuum circuit using the suction cups, wash the confirm the standard circuit for two groups
The standard Mould moving function It can move in any location in the mould, take out with product
The standard Put the mold clamp Within the mold clamp material floolwing head or stick to products, can be let go of shuikou material within the die head and products
The standard Bad product oven Received the non-conforming signal injection molding machine, bad product out of work
The standard Anguage switching Operating system can switch between multiple voices
The standard Die outside standby As an obstruction on the mould and the arm or fixture board met, walking arm in return on the way in (safety) outside the standby mode
The standard Renewable energy Arising from any axis in the operation of the braking energy can supply other axis, the effect of energy saving
The standard Intelligent servo function Repeat positioning is not accurate injection molding mould, the arm movements with the plunger position before and after the change, to prevent damage to mold or arm (the axis stroke setting error, it may impact the mold in phenomenon, can be the most generous protect mechanical mobile phone mold)
The standard Forward to take out the side position control In product size is larger, if walk directly, will meet with injection molding machine security door, or lateral position, will encounter with manipulator guide rail, in take up position can move it to the side of the posture action position, after doing side appearance
The standard Midway through horizontal or vertical In every location model of the lateral side posture action and then take down movements, then move and when done at the beginning of lateral posture action can proceed smoothly, shorten the cycle time
The standard Remove the side down on standby Arm close to the mold, down journey switch to the shortest, take out the time
The standard Function of the stack The product according to the actual demand is put in the area of the r (maximum 256 points)


Optional features
optional Set aside the I/O points
Standard I/O points when can increase the I/O points
optional Lateral position torque reinforcement Strengthen the lateral position of the manipulator, provide fixture reversal of torque
optional B axis rotation (pneumatic, rotate for 90 degrees) Fixture rotary movement, can choose within the mold, mold, drop side rotary movement
optional B or C axis servo rotation For improve the accuracy of the torsion or rotating shaft joint movement, more choice of servo motor with reducer power, in order to achieve complex took or cooperate with peripheral equipment for processing again
optional Safety (black box) monitoring Manipulator with injection molding machine mold information exchange, manipulator and mould exchange information with BCD signal exchange and information confirm, injection molding machine manipulator out after changing of the mold corresponding to various parameters
optional Injection molding machine and mold information exchange manipulator The existing system, the modular design is consistent with the system, using the same bus control, the system of double CPU architecture, security is dedicated to monitoring CPU safety equipment and is not involved in the actual control
optional Energy-saving solenoid valve control vacuum generator Can by setting pressure automation control solenoid valve, make the supply air on and off. Maintain the vacuum pressure, can need not a continuous supply of air, the air consumption greatly reduced


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