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Quanzhou Evatt robot equipment co., LTD. Is a professional research and development, production injection molding machine dedicated manipulator and molding surrounding automation systems and solutions of high-tech enterprises. The watt has been sticking to provide high quality, durable, reliable, environmental protection and energy saving, easy operation and high value-added equipment and injection molding material management solutions, our team focuses on more special technology research and development, energy conservation and environmental protection products through the industry has been facing many technical bottlenecks, persist in the introduction of many higher than existing sophisticated application of industry standard products, we with a number of outstanding supply enterprises to achieve comprehensive long-term strategic cooperative partnership, and to set up special research and development funds for low-power, highly efficient new product development and technological innovation, constantly to the recent environmental protection and energy saving technology and durable products into the market.

We set up the laboratory and application of the non-standard system automation team, be automation system solutions to cooperation supplier for the customer. Such as on IML (mould labeling system), IMD (die) embedded in molding, injection molding production of transport logistics, etc.; Based on molding automation at the same time, give full play to the characteristics of industrial automation, automation has been involved in multiple industries applications.


Company import ERP management software, have effective management for the whole enterprise operation, suitable for odd perfect production management system, ShengLiHua manufacturing model, visualization of management by objectives, to do every order, every machine, every component are streamline tasks according to production flow chart, to ensure the quality of each product.

We have industry-leading technology, have more response to customer demand for unique design solutions for superior ability, the watt in the field of plastic manufacturing and automation, to provide you with a durable and efficient working characteristics of the production process has the very good solution and considerate considerate service, we pay more attention to the whole process of product pre-sale, sale and after-sale, further enhance the production efficiency, realize fully automated production and production management. We constantly go beyond, no matter where you are, we are your best partner!

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